Grab yourself a coffee, it’s going to be a long one!

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Hi, I’m Bethany Rose, but I’d prefer if you just called me Beth.

I’m a photographer based in Bolton, and I’m available for bookings around the North West of England, though I do love to travel and capture photos of the things I see along the way.

I specialise in personal portrait photography – so mostly headshots, family portraits, child portraits. Things like that. It’s just what I do best!

I have plenty of experience in most other areas of photography too – just take a look at the Gallery tab, or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see a just a few of many examples of the work I produce.web accent colour (2)

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So what sets me apart from other photographers? Why should you choose me?

Well first off, I don’t do studio work. I feel being confined to a studio limits my creativity. There’s a big wide world out there, just waiting to be explored. Why don’t we go out and see what beautiful locations we can find to shoot in?! I love to use natural light to bring out the best in my subjects. But that’s not to say you can’t also have your photo session from the comfort of your own home. Where there’s a window, there’s a way!

Also, I don’t just snap any old picture. After all, you could easily get a friend or family member to do that for you, and you wouldn’t be reading this right now if that’s what you were planning on doing.

I believe that photos should capture the entire feeling of an event or occasion. Every smile, every look of adoration, the important milestones in your life. You should be able to look back on your photos and not just remember the day, but remember how you felt. Remember every emotion or every happy face you saw. Those are the memories you want to keep, and that is what I’m here to do. My favourite images are usually always the over-looked ones. The ones you didn’t even know were being taken, or maybe you’d forgotten were taken!

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I take time to make sure you’ll be pleased with your final images. There might be a few moments where I’m swapping and changing between my different lenses to ensure I’m getting the best angle. You may even get to see me in some funny positions!

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So whether you’re after a family portrait as a gift for your parents, a cake smash session to mark your baby’s 1st birthday, you want me to capture your wedding memories, some close-ups of your pet, or maybe you just fancy a new profile picture – the possibilities are endless! Get in touch, I’d love to hear your ideas 🙂

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Well done if you made it this far, you’ve probably finished that coffee by now. Go pour yourself another!

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